It’s been 1 week…and she’s come a long way baby

I might have been a bit naive when we picked up Macie last Saturday.  This last week has been uber stressful as we all learn about how this “new” environment is going to be.  Macie has come so far in that time, from responding to her name to actually starting to like her crate.

Last night, we made it through the night with one potty run and no screaming!  This was the best yet.  Unfortunately for her, she has a parasite in her GI tract and is on Albon which is a broad spectrum antibiotic that gives her stomach upset.  Outside of that, she’s a joy to be around and everyone who meets her instantly loves her.

One of our neighbors has a 4 month old Chow named Dash.  Macie and Dash are already best friends and have played together each of the last 3 days.  They are a month apart: to the day and their fast friendship is evidence of both of their great personalities.


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